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3 Ways to Control Termite Infestation Outside Your House

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Despite being a nuisance and destructive, termites are intelligent creatures. One way that the insects display their smart side is by choosing ideal spots to create colonies. Typically, termites build colonies near food sources, which means they do not have to travel far. Since termites mostly feed on soft or decaying wood, timber structures are, particularly, at risk. Although termites like moving into developed areas, property owners can still control a potential infestation. Here are a few tips for controlling termite infestation outside your house.  

Keep Piles of Wood Away and Raised  

Woodpiles, such as firewood or construction timber, create the perfect food source for termites. Once they detect woodpiles, termites will start building a colony close to your home, and before you know it, they are under, inside, and on your house, causing significant destruction. Therefore, it is every property owner's responsibility to ensure it does not happen. However, it does not mean throwing away all the wood on your property. All you have to do to control termite infestation is to stack wood as far away as possible from your house. Additionally, raise firewood piles at least 8 inches off the ground to make it difficult for termites to detect the wood.  

Cleaning Gutters Regularly 

The gutter system around your house traps all manner of leaves and twigs, especially if it does not have a sieve. As moisture builds up, the twigs and leaves soften and begin to decay, attracting termites. With termites hiding inside your gutters, they become a challenge to spot even as they wreak havoc on your house's wooden structure. Therefore, always clean your gutter system regularly, even during the dry season. It goes a long way in keeping termites away from your house. A more full-proof strategy is to install a sieve on the downspout to prevent green debris from clogging the passage.  

Use Termite-Resistant Mulch 

Mulch is a very attractive food source for termite. It is especially the case with wood chips mulch since it readily absorbs and retains moisture. Apart from acting as a food source, a thick layer of mulch provides termites with adequate shelter, protecting them from harsh weather. Luckily, you can use certain types of mulch that are less attractive to termites. For instance, termites avoid mulch made from redwood and cypress chips because of the resin they contain. Therefore, you should only choose products labelled 'termite-resistant' when shopping for mulch.

For more strategies for termite control, reach out to a local pest control service.