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Which Control Measures Prevent the Spread of Termites?

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There are lots of different species of termites that inhabit Australia. Each one causes its own particular problems for homeowners and business proprietors. Of course, when termites build their colonies in the bush, it really doesn't make much difference. However, when they get onto farmland, suburban areas or even in city centres, they can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. If you have termites present on your property, then you should call in a professional termite treatment expert to help you get rid of them fully. That said, you can also take some proactive termite control measures right now that should prevent them becoming a problem in the first place. What are some of the best ones you can do?

Use an Insecticide

To begin with, it is possible to defend your entire property from termites by making a chemical barrier around it that they will not want to cross. To do this, simply hollow out a shallow trench in the soil around your property and spray a suitable pesticide into it. Although many insecticides will work, there are some that target termites specifically. These are better if you want to avoid killing other, harmless bugs. Once you have sprayed in a termiticide, cover over your trench with earth once more. Any termite that crosses the boundary will die within a few hours, so it is much less likely you will end up with a colony on your property.

Paint Your Exposed Timbers

Some species of termites like to burrow into the timbers of buildings, typically floorboards, joists or weatherboarding. If you have any exposed timbers around your building, then the best way to prevent termites from accessing them is to paint them every few years. You can always varnish woodwork that you do not want to paint because this is just as good of a termite control measure. If, when you are painting, you noticed that previous coats of paint have become flaky or bubbled up, then it could be that you have termites already inside the woodwork. You should call a pest control professional in such cases.

Remove Old Wood

Many species of subterranean termites like to construct underground nests beneath rotting wood. This is because they use the wood as a source of food and also because it affords their nest a degree of protection from above. Therefore, if you have any dead trees or bushes on your land, you should pull them up. Excavating an old tree stump may sound like hard work, but it can save you much more effort down the line. Equally, piles of firewood tend to encourage termites. Raise these onto a platform rather than leaving them in contact with the ground.