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Guidance on Protecting Business Premises From Termites

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According to the Government of Western Australia, every building developer needs to take anti-termite measures in the construction of new residences such as adhering to the modified standards of the Building Code of Australia. However, it should be noted that termites do not only cause infestation problems for householders. They can also do a great deal of damage to business premises all over the country. What should business owners do to protect their operations from the sort of interruptions that termites can cause?

Consult an Expert

To begin with, every business is different. Therefore, the risks associated with an infestation of termites will be different for every business owner. Agricultural businesses, for example, may need to be concerned with wider infestation issues, such as those connected rats and mice, as well as other insects. Office buildings, on the other hand, may be more concerned with a potential infestation of drywood termites rather than subterranean ones. Therefore, to optimise your countermeasures, calling in a commercial pest control expert who can offer tailored advice given your business needs and location will be the best initial approach.

Use Insecticides

Many business premises that have wider grounds around them can protect themselves by deploying insecticides around the perimeter. This is a commercial pest control measure that will involve the use of targeted termiticides that are designed for these particular creatures. Nowadays, the use of organochlorines, which have a wider impact on wildlife, is not advisable and they are even banned in many places. Suitable insecticides should be sprayed into a shallow trench that is dug around the premises. Once the whole property is protected in this way, any termites crossing the chemical barrier will be weakened and eventually die, making a colony developing on your property much less likely.

Maintain Woodwork

Although exposed woodwork, such weatherboarding, is more commonplace in dwellings than commercial premises, any wood you have in your building should be properly maintained. Floorboards, skirting boards, wooden window frames and even roof rafters should all be treated with a coat of paint or varnish to protect them. When you cover any wood in your building with such a protective layer, it is harder for drywood termites to bore their way into them. Drywood termites burrow their way through timbers and can even bring a building down if they are left untreated. Although painting is a good preventative measure, if you see small boreholes or flaking paint as you maintain your woodwork, then you will need to consult a commercial pest control company because this is a sure sign they are already present.

For more tips, reach out to a commercial pest control service in your area.