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Pests That May Infest Your Commercial Building in Winter

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If you are a commercial property owner, there are several things you need to work on before winter sets in. Other than cleaning the gutters, repairing the roofing system, winterizing pipes and maintaining your landscape, it's vital to think about pest control as well. Since winter makes it impossible for pests to get food outdoors, these animals only have one reliable option—to infest commercial or residential buildings. For this reason, it's crucial to seek the services of a commercial pest control expert before winter. The professional will inspect your home to identify any pests and exterminate them right away.

Knowing the types of pests that can disturb you during winter will go a long way in ensuring that the necessary preventative measures are put in place. Below are some pests that can give you sleepless nights all winter if you don't get pest control services.


Most people believe that rodents hibernate during the cold months, but this isn't true. While it's true that groundhogs and chipmunks sleep through winter, mice, squirrels and rats stay active. So when their sources of food are eliminated, these rodents will get famished and cold, and the only option they have is to seek shelter in the nearest buildings, especially if it's quiet and dark. When rodents infest your commercial building, they bring pathogens that are known to cause disease. To make matters worse, their droppings are contaminating, which could harm your company's reputation or lead to the closure of the business.


Roaches are dangerous pests just like rodents and are accustomed to searching for food and water throughout the year. These ugly pests enter a building via crevices and cracks, and once they find water and food, they breed rapidly as they hide in dark and wet areas. Although some individuals tolerate cockroaches, most people get distressed when they find them. This is because they are known to carry bacteria that cause diseases like E. coli and salmonella. Roaches also trigger allergic reactions and asthma attacks.


Another notorious type of pest you may be forced to deal with is termites. Unlike what most people believe, termites mostly stay active all year long and can cause significant property damage when they gain access to your commercial building during winter. They consume anything, provided it's not made of metal or plastic. This means your door frames, doors, furniture, roofing system and other similar materials will be at risk.

Call a pest control service today to get help with the pests in your building.