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Front Page Pests: 5 Pests That Love It When You Keep Old Newspapers

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Are you in the habit of holding onto old newspapers? Do you have a stack of newspapers gathering dust somewhere in a dark and dusty corner of your property? Then you may also be inviting pests to stay with you free of charge.

Unfortunately, newspapers, especially old newspapers, attract a number of pests. So, if you have yet to clear out a stack of old newspapers from your property, be prepared for the arrival of one or more of the following pests.

1. Cockroaches

Keep a stack of newspapers somewhere close to — or in — your home and you might attract a cockroach or two. Cockroaches need darkness, moisture and warmth to survive. A pile of newspapers could provide exactly that if they are in the right location. Cockroaches also eat paper, among other things, and like to nest in tight spaces, such as between the pages of your local paper.

2. Spiders

Spiders love clutter because it allows them to hide in the shadows while searching for a mate or hunting for prey. And while a spider might devour other pests that are also residing in your old newspaper stack, they could then build a nest and spawn even more spiders. The last thing you need is for a dangerous funnel-web spider to take up residence in or near your home.

3. Rodents

Mice and rats use newspapers as nesting materials. They will even nest in a stack of newspaper, provided it is in a dark and quiet corner where they won't be disturbed. The problem with this is that they will then need a supply of food. Your home could provide that supply!

4. Termites

Termites love wood, and paper is a product of wood. Therefore, if you keep a stack of newspapers in your garage or basement, it may provide a foraging termite colony with a tasty snack to keep them going while they search for a way into your home.

5. Silverfish

Like all of the aforementioned pests, silverfish love to operate in the dark. Moreover, like termites and cockroaches, they will happily turn a stack of newspapers into an abundant supply of food. Again, if that supply is within your home, it won't be long before you have a multitude of silverfish roaming the bookshelves and cupboards of your house in the dead of night.

Has your household clutter caused a pest infestation? If so, you need to call in the professionals before they multiply even more and eat more than just your old newspapers.

For more information, contact a pest control company.