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3 Significant Preventive Measures You Can Use to Keep Pests off Your Home

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You will not always receive the guests you invited in your home; others will find their way into your home even when they haven't been invited and mess up with your comfort and peace in a big way. Pests are unwanted guests that irritate most homeowners, and you might not spot them easily because of their excellent hiding-tactics. Even though you spot them, it might still be hard to eliminate them yourself if they usually hide in unlikely places. However, some preventive measures can help keep pests out of your home:

Fix Water and Drainage Problems Quickly

Some pests will not infest your home because you haven't stored your food well but because your drainage and water systems are in bad shape. If your gutter system is improperly installed or poorly maintained, poor drainage will be inevitable, and this will attract pests, such as termites, that like living in humid areas. The standing-water pools around your property might not seem like a big problem, but they become an excellent breeding area for pests like mosquitoes. But if you improve the drainage system in your home and install new gutters, you could eliminate the pests' breeding sites and prevent water-damage problems.

Watch the Entry Points and Close Them

The cracks you ignore could be a gateway for pests like rats or mice. They might look tiny, but even mature mice can easily get into your home through the holes and become the newest family members you never wanted to have. Even if you don't expect any mice or rat to fit in those small holes, you should seal them because they are convenient entry points for most pesky creatures. Once you seal every crack or hole, pests can hardly find an entry-point into your home. Walk around your residential property and check for cracks or holes in the foundation or even around the pipes, doors and windows and seal them completely. If the entry or garage door's weather-stripping is damaged, replace it since it could also be an entry point for some pests.

Use Air-Tight Dishes and Containers to Store Food

The food in the kitchen isn't just meant for you and your family; pests want it too. If you don't keep it in air-tight containers, it becomes an open-source that attracts pests in your home. If food is stored correctly, you can hardly find food-crumbs on the floor, and this would help keep pests away. Cleaning up sugary or soup spills on the carpet or kitchen floor would also give pests a reason not to visit your home. Ants are some of the pests you can't keep off your home if you don't properly store your food.

You could still find some pesky pests in your home despite applying these preventive measures. Nonetheless, you have one more bullet in your hands: Hire residential pest control professionals to eliminate those stubborn and annoying pests since they know where most pests hide and the most effective extermination techniques to apply.