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Is Your House a Pest Magnet? Things That Are Inviting Pests into Your Home

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Pests are one of those types of guests that comes into your home uninvited. These unwelcome guests simply crawl or fly inside without being noticed and can wreak havoc in your home. No doubt, these creatures are one of the most irritating things to have in your home.

The secret to keeping pests out of your home is to eliminate conditions that may attract them to the home. There are many different things that can turn your house into a pest magnet. Each falls under one of three main categories – food, water, and shelter.

Read along to learn how these three things contribute to pest infestations in homes.


Access to food is one of the main reasons pests stray into people's homes. There are lots of places where pests can find food, including dirty dishes, garbage bins, floors, kitchen countertops, neglected paper and more.

The secrets to keeping pests from invading your living space due to food sources is to keep food sealed and to make sure that your house is kept clean at all times.

Make sure you wash all dirty dishes after every meal instead of leaving the dishes in the kitchen sink overnight. Sweep your floors to remove spilled food and clean your kitchen countertops and cooking appliances after meal preparation.

If you have stacks of old newspapers lying around, you should consider getting rid of all that paper, as it can be a food source for pests that feed on cellulose. 


The presence of water sources can also attract pests to homes. Try to keep your home clean and dry at all times, especially in those areas of the home that are prone to water spillage.

Make sure you fix any plumbing leaks that may act as a water source for pests. The gutters and downspouts that direct rain away from the foundation of your house should be kept clog-free. Clogged gutters can be a breeding ground for harmful insects, such as mosquitos.

Also, make sure your residential drains are flowing properly. Blocked drains can be pest attractants due to the stagnant water.


Another reason why pests invade homes is that they also need a place to live when conditions outside aren't ideal for them to breed and thrive. All that clutter kept inside your house can be the perfect home for cockroaches, rats and spiders. If you don't wash your bedding often, they can be breeding spots for bedbugs.

If you don't seal the cracks and crevices in the envelope of your house, they can be entry points and abodes for homeless pests.

Like human beings, pests need food, water and shelter to survive. If they didn't cause disease or destroy your stuff, perhaps you'd let these creatures share your space. Unfortunately, pests are notorious for wreaking havoc in homes. Talk to a pest control company like M & J Pest Control today about ways of keeping pests out of your abode.